After restarting the popular show ’13 Reasons Why’ and really thinking about the impact that this show has had on youth, I thought about the consequences and rewards that such shows have on young people. As social media holds such a heavy influence on this generation, it is imperative that we don’t exploit these real- … More THE ROBOT


SECONDARY RESEARCH  Television is the most frequently used mass entertainment and information in contemporary American culture (R. Anderson, 1986). With Australians consuming around 17.5 hours of television a week (P. Zoe, 2017), we definitely have preferences over how we watch it, who we watch it with and what we watch. Most people like to watch … More TELEVISION IN THE HOME

Change of mind

After sitting on the idea of doing my DA on the Japanese fashion evolution, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t really know where I was heading with it. When I was cleaning out my room I found a ‘Popin’ Cookin’ tanoshii ramen box that I got whilst I was in DisneyWorld last year. … More Change of mind

Dark Fiber

The internet is sometimes pinned as being such an amazing tool that holds endless opportunities, but it also has a very dark side that is often overlooked. In this week’s lecture we looked at Dark Fiber: hackers, botnets and cyberwar. It showed the dark sides of the internet which is often hidden. When something is … More Dark Fiber