autoethnographic methodology

In this weeks blog post I will be using the auto-ethnographic methodology to analyse my pervious blog post. Auto-ethnography is explained by Ellis, Adams, and Bochner as being: “A method of research that allows one to systematically analyse personal experience(s) in order to understand another cultural experience. Auto-ethnography encompasses both autobiography and ethnography” Through my … More autoethnographic methodology

IOS vs. Android

It’s the age old question, do you have an IPhone or an Android? With the constant evolution of both devices, it is a constant battle to see which one is more popular and more reasonable to purchase. Personally, I have always had apple products and would never turn back. Even though they are incredibly expensive … More IOS vs. Android


This week in BCM206 we learnt about the medieval concept of feudalism. The feudal system was introduced to England after the invasion and defeat of the country. It had also been used in France in 900AD as it was a simple and effective system. This system depicted that all of the land was owned by … More IFeudalism

Cinema Spaces

I have always loved going to the cinema to watch new releases and just enjoy the time to immerse myself in that movie. It is a different experience when you are watching a movie in the cinema compared to at home. You are surrounded by other people who are also enjoying that same movie, however … More Cinema Spaces